HI !!

Today I would like to give you a good way if you need help to boost your brand.

I heard about a new concept : Litsö. it is a platform designed to help young designers to find the best brand ambassadors among everyday people.

What is Litsö ?

The idea is to help young designers who are launching their brands and which often have a budget reduced at the beginning of their careers. But they need to communicate, to showcase their product and to build a visual identity, in making promotional clips for example. Litso aims to assist in this approach, offering them to find the best "ambassadors of the daily", it means people all day, those that can cross the street or in the subway, and that strike us by their style, their personality or originality, and who are best able to showcase their creations. The daily ambassadors then have the opportunity to embody a brand and a universe representing them, the time of a partnership, in Exchange only for a product of this brand (there is no money at stake).
It is a win-win system which allows the creators to showcase their products to grow their circles of influence, to get closer to their audience, all by cutting their budgets of social marketing (no need to go through an agency specializing, while retaining the high added value brought by achieving a lookbook). This system allows to the ambassadors to engage them in a simple way in the development of a brand that matches them, as the actual time of a partnership. Chosen to embody the brand at best, the Ambassador will extend so naturally his mission, when it will continue to highlight this product received in exchange, bringing it in everyday life. Litso therefore is also designed to promote and support the creation by offering a space to all horizons marks, where they can make contact with their potential audience.
litsö can help you quickly and considerable. It is still developing but I think it has good future I hope that it can help you !
Thank you for reading.
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