Hey everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. Like many of you, I spent a good amount of time during the eighties sat in front of the TV, playing my Atari console. I loved playing on my 2600, as did everyone else which is what made to company of the best video game console manufacturers pre-2000. Pong was the first Atari console that I had, but I also had some of the consoles that came out between Pong and the 2600. Most of these were just slight remakes of the Pong console, but they are different nonetheless. Here are some of the many Atari consoles from the 1980’s.

Super Pong

After Atari followed Pong with Double Pong in 1976 that had four player support, they followed that up with Super Pong. This had four variations of Pong on it including Pong Catch, a sort of backwards version of Pong where you control a small hole in the wall for the ball to be caught in. It also included the namesake “Super Pong” which was a two player game where each player could control two paddles.

Atari Super Pong 

Atari Super Pong Pro-Am Ten

We got Super Pong, and then nothing. Then in 1977 Atari released Super Pong Pro-Am Ten, a catchy name for a video game console. The consoles featured 10 different versions of Pong that could each support up to four players, and the base console design was changed to appear more ‘hip’.


Atari Ultra Pong Doubles

Pong, Super Pong, Atari Super Pong Pro-Am Ten. Then came the Atati Ultra Pong Doubles, which had six more game variants than the previous Pong console, by four players. This was the point when cartridge based consoles such as the Atari 2600 were getting more popular, these Pong consoles sadly became obsolete.

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