Hello again. This entry is a little off-topic but I've recently purchased an amazing new VW Campervan, and thought it apt to write a little bit about campervans and touring the UK and Ireland. It doesn’t sound exciting to a lot of people but there are some amazing holidays to be had in the UK and Ireland, touring around in your campervan. Great for couples (who get along very well) who want to go and see the Great British Isles and the Republic of Ireland. Campervans can be relatively cheap (not mine though), just make sure they are looked after properly, and if you aren’t a bit of a mechanic then get yourself some good breakdown cover, as you don’t want to be stuck in rural Ireland on the side of the road! Can be quite remote there in places and there aren’t too many mechanics knocking around that would be willing to help. It can be part of the fun though…. Not!


Fancy a Campervan?


If you are looking for a campervan then perhaps you could look at the second-hand market. I haven’t used this site myself but my friend recently purchased a second-hand campervan on www.for-sale.co.uk/campervan. He said you get options from across the Internet, including eBay and other sites, so it might be worth you having a look on there. My brother has asked me to help find him a campervan so I’m going to start there as a point of reference.


Beautiful Scotland


My favourite place in the UK for scenery has to Scotland (followed closely by the Lake District), Northern Scotland to be exact. I hadn’t been there until 8 years ago but I now go every year and that won’t be stopping any time soon. If you want to do the tourist thing in Scotland then I suggest you to look at one of Scotlands National Tourist Routes. There are 12 in total and you can really get to see a lot of what Scotland has to offer. There is of course much more to Scotland than that but they are a superb starting point and if you manage to complete all 12, then you would have taken in a large chunk of Scotland. I like to go as northerly as possible, and check out the Highlands. On your way there you will see some seriously beautiful coastline and lovely little seaside towns. The seafood is incredible; make sure you take advantage of that. I have had some of the tastiest seafood I have ever eaten in Scotland, and I have done a fair bit of travelling around the world. The langoustines are particularly tasty! And expensive. Along the coastal roads, if you’re lucky, you can get the chance to see some awesome nature. We have seen dolphins and whales on a number of occasions, and there are lots of birds to see that you won’t get to see in most of the UK.


Make sure you take a visit to Edinburgh as if you haven’t done so before. One of my favourite cities, some of the views are breath taking, and the Scottish people know how to have a good party! If you ever get the chance to spend a new year in Edinburgh, do it! The Fringe festival is also very cool indeed!




Now along with Edinburgh, another of my favourite cities is Dublin. If you think the Scottish know how to party then make sure you have a go with the Irish! I hope you like Guinness. It’s a very expensive city, thanks to the Euro, but I hope that will not put you off it being a destination, at least spend a few days there before heading out to see the rest of Ireland.


An amazing road to take in Ireland, is the “Wild Atlantic Way”. The road goes all the way from Donegal to Cork, and it certainly is wild! You start off in the Northern Headlands. In this region you will see a lot of lighthouses and some incredible cliffs. The Surf Coast is exactly as described; crashing waves and big surf! Expect to see a lot of people surfing as it is very popular there. The Bay Coast is filled with bays and lots of boats. There are lots of small islands here and make sure you see Connemarra. It’s also home to the famous Galway Bay. Next up is Cliff Coast. Stunning scenery and epic wildlife sights will fill your time there. See lots of puffins, as well as dolphins! In the Southern Peninsulas, in the South West of Ireland, you will again find beautiful landscapes and feel like you are at the very edge of Ireland, and in fact the world. Next stop is the USA and that is pretty far! Last, but not least, is the Haven Coast. You feel a sense of calm there and it is less intense than the Southern Peninsulas. There is a big music and art culture there so make sure you immerse yourself in that!



My Van


In case you wondering about the vehicle I own, then I have a pretty wonderful VW campervan. Not one of the retro old ones, but one of the new fangled glitzy machines. I saved for quite a while and used a fair bit of finance to get it but its so worth it.  Don’t be too envious but I’ve plumped for one of the new VW California, https://www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk/range/camper-vans-t6. It’s just as amazing as it looks! 

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