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Hi guys, welcome back to Hooka and another exciting electronics post. You guys know that I take my electronics seriously, and I have a drawer full of items I spent good money on that are useless to prove that. I always like to buy new gadgets when I see them, and I have found a website called has electronics gadgets and accesorries cheaper than anywhere else. I bought some really cool adapters for things I didn’t even know could be connected together, some cables that  look like they are used to wire someone up to the Matrix and so much other cool stuff. Some of these things like I said end up in the junk drawer, but some get put in that special compartment in my laptop bag to always be with me. Here are some of my favourite. 

Piggyback RCA Cables 

Okay so I know that we are in the age of HDMI and that using RCA cables if for plebs, but this cable is actually pretty cool. You plug the piggyback cables into the corresponding inputs for your television, then plug whatever you want to watch into the back of the cables. This means that the signal goes into the television but also through the piggyback cables that can be hooked up to speakers, headphones or even VR equipment. I use this all the time when my girlfriend is asleep and I want to watch something from my computer on my TV, the cables connect to my wireless headset transmitter and the rest of the room is quiet. 

Pogo Plug 

The Pogo Plug is like a portable hard drive gone extreme. This little device gives you access to your files anywhere, anytime, any computer by giving you your own cloud. While some programs like DropBox offer a few gigabyte of free storage, it can cost upwards of $450 to have a 500GB yearly plan. Pogo Plug is only $10 online and has no data limitations, no fees, and no contract.

  Pogo Plug Cloud Storage

ReElegant Ipad Keyboard Case

If you are like me and like to do at least a little writing everywhere you go, then look no further than this new Ipad keyboard case from HHI. The ReElegant Keyboard case features a full length keyboard all crammed into the size of an Ipad, excluding the number pad. You would think a keyboard that small would be hindering, but not so. Using mechanical keys and key styles eerily similar to the Apple Keyboard, this can turn your Ipad into the most stylish writing machine on the block. Unfortunately there is no version offered for the Windows Tablet, but maybe in the future. 

U-Socket USB Outlet

This new age power outlet is all the rage. Including 2 USB 3.0 inputs for charging everything from your phone to your drone, these outlets are easy to install and easier to use, being no different from a standard outlet except for the previously mentioned USB inputs. The outlet still features 2 normal power sockets, meaning you can still plug in your laptop. 

Microsoft Arc Folding Mouse

If you are someone who needs a full size mouse everywhere you go, this is the mouse for you. The Microsoft Arc is a fully functioning wireless mouse, designed with a sleek curve to more naturally fit the human hand. It features a 15 foot wireless range, and a new type of scroll wheel that actually has no wheel at all, and instead focuses on the speed of your fingers on the small metal strip where the wheel would go. The best part is that the Microsoft Arc folds up flat, to be no bigger or bulkier than a cellphone. Slip it into your pocket and you are on your way.


Microsoft Arc



Apple Digital AV Adapter

If you own an Ipad, there is a good chance that you watch some videos on it. Wouldn't you like to be able to watch those same videos full screen on your TV in the living room? Well you can by using a Digital AV Adapter with your Apple device. The adapters are fairly simple, plugging into the charging port of your phone/tablet, then plugging in an HDMI cable to the small dongle hanging from the adapter. Plug the other end of the cable into your TV and voila. You can even use this to play games from your phone on the big screen.

 Apple HDMI adapter

XTG Solar Charger

This is something really cool, a solar charger for your USB devices. It may take 8 hours of bright sunlight to fully charge, but with its 1500mAh battery you won’t have to keep your phone in the sun with it. Plus it has a built in LED light, making it perfect for those late nights or camping trips. 

Hopefully you guys found some of these interesting, I think these devices really show off what we have accomplished. I think the delivery man is here with my next package, see you later guys.

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