Groundbreaking Games of the 2000’s 

What is going on everybody? For the uninformed this is my computers and electronics blog where I talk about things from starting with Linux to games that made a huge impact on gaming culture. Wait, I haven’t posted about that yet? Well I guess all the hard work I had done for this month's post is down the drain, and I will have to post a quick, forced post to keep my claims accurate. So, groundbreaking games...hmmm. That is a fairly broad subject. Maybe just one decade? I spent most of my gaming time in the 2000’s with the Xbox and Xbox 360 so I think maybe we should restrict it to that? Well, and the fact that the used games website (that I use to get all items for my posts at great price) has a lot more games from that era than any other. 

Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker

I will start this off with a disclaimer, I was never a Nintendo boy going up (even though my parents would refer to my Xbox as Nofreindo) as I had my Xbox with Halo. That said, I still got to experience a lot of the Nintendo Gamecube greats as a couple friend has the console. Out of all the games that came out on that little cube, I thought the most impactful to the gaming community was Windwaker. This was one of the first games from a major studio that put the resolution to the back, opting for a very poly look. I finally got this game last year after seeing it for sale on and I love it. The atmosphere is so amazing that the low poly count actually adds to it. 

Legend Of Zelda 


Like this game would miss my list. Halo was the game that got me really into gaming. While it may not have been the very first game I played (I think Super Smash Bros. might take that) this was the one I never stopped talking about once I did play it. I would go over to a friends house, and we would just play Halo the entire time. The following year my parents got me an Xbox with Halo for christmas and I was ecstatic. I don’t even know how much I played this game, it was before time counters in game. I wanted to rekindle this feeling so I got a used copy of Halo on that I have been playing like I used to; non stop. 

Halo Combat Evolved

There are so so many more games I could list here that I would never stop writing. Half Life, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, The Sims, Grand Theft Auto III. The list goes on and on. I think that decade will actually go down as the best decade in gaming history. There was just so many amazing games released that have influenced the future of gaming, for good and bad. If you guys enjoyed this post, then consider checking out some of my other post like this one on Atari consoles. Talk to you again soon everyone.





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