Hey guys Horatio here! How are you all? I am doing pretty well, very busy week though!!


So in this week’s blog entry  I thought it would be interesting to talk about management. So what I mean here is how to manage people, different management styles and what approach we think works best. Obviously management is very relative to environment, culture and objective but I definitely feel that there are key transferable factors that can be followed in any managerial position. I am open to opinions on this so really just wanted to write a little about what I think and know and use this as a platform to encourage other peoples thoughts on this. I would love to know what your experiences are and if you have any infinite wisdom that you would like to share. So my own experience isn’t particularly vast but I do have some, to which I feel I can make valid input here.


First and foremost I think as a manager it is important to know just how much responsibility and initiative is required within your job role; establishing this with the owner of the business from the get go is a good idea. This way you know how much freedom you have and exactly what is expected of you. The next step is evaluating the staff you will be working with to help assess what managerial style will work well although a balance between firm and fair tends to work best. With this in mind it is important to lead by example which helps develop stronger relationships, based on respect and trust. I have also found that it is important to observe scenarios, step away and then make a fair and thought-out assessment. Contrary to this would be to make a snap and irrational judgment which in turn can make your staff feel stressed and victimised.   


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