Hi everyone welcome back to my blog. So in last month’s edition I started to talk about management and what skills are required to manage effectively. I received a lot of great feedback from you guys about some of the points I mentioned so I thought I would develop on from them further in my next post.


One of the key things I have learnt whilst managing people and whilst also working under managers is that people follow by example. What I have come to find is that if staff can see the manager doing something then they are more likely to follow suit. I mean I guess this seems quite obvious to some but in so many businesses the manager will take a back seat role and not get involved until they have to. This is very demotivating for staff as they won’t feel like they are being lead and will have no one to look to for guidance.



Another key point here is being able to delegate tasks, I think for a business to run smoothly everyone needs to have clear job roles and objectives with certain tasks, ideas and rules at the forefront. These aren’t there to create a dictatorship, they are there as a guideline and can easily be amended to keep everyone happy and working well. It is therefore important to work out what each member of staffs strengths and weaknesses are and then place them in the role that suits them best.  If you are lucky then the staff you have working under you will be able to think on their feet and use their own initiative to come up with their own tasks that may need completing throughout the day, unfortunately though, this is often not the case and therefore requires more hands on management skills.  

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