Hello to each and every one of you. My first entry of my new blog will talk about how and why I have acquired a passion for big business and commerce. Since I was a small boy I have always been a little obsessed with money, and that obsession seems to grow year by year. Some people say that I am bred from capitalism and that I am a victim of that. To which I say “What champagne do you drink” and they reply “Asti”, har-har. I understand life is not all about money, but I am pretty sure that 99.99% of it is. They say people who have less, want less and need less and are therefore appreciative of more in life. But they didn’t drive my uncles Ferrari at 17. Those kinds of things made me hungry, and watching my uncle work hard for what he has, inspires me to work hard myself. I will not sit on my backside and wait for things to happen for me, oh no.


By the age of 21 I had invested in three businesses, two successful and one not so much, but it is about increasing your experience and portfolio. You have to make mistakes, but I don’t want to make many more, that’s for sure! Now, at the age of 26, I have a hand in six companies that are all doing very well indeed. Mostly e-commerce based ventures but I also have shares in two property companies, based in London and the South West. I aim to be retired by the age of 40, and I think I am not far off of that at the moment.


I like to read a lot about what is happening in the world, business wise, and this blog is my chance to share what I read and know.




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