Hey everyone, welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. Anyone been playing some hit games lately? Some real AAA titles? I have been, but not the ones you would expect. So far this week I have sunk 10 hours into Bioshock Infinite, a game that I bought during the Steam Summer sale in I think 2012, installed immediately and never played until now. The game is great, I love using the skyline to fly around the city and attack unsuspecting Founder soldiers from above. I really like how they improved the Tonic system from previous games, being able to quickly switch between two tonics is great and having them all at your disposal easily is even better. Most of this has been a surprise to me, but when it comes to major hits there are somethings that you just can’t avoid learning about before finally hitting play. 

I have learned bits and pieces of the Bioshock Infinite story over the years, it justs happens. Whether it was a result of watching gaming videos made in the last 5 years (which is really my fault for not having played major hits in 5 years) or seeing something randomly posted online, I have learnt some things I would rather not have. I remember a screen of late game with a bunch of different Elizabeth’s, and the commentator talking about there being different dimensions. This makes some of the early revelations in game all too revealing, instead of something that you are supposed to ponder about all game. Another disappointing aspect of older AAA games is the graphics. When these games are released they are usually applauded for their amazing use of the graphics engine, looking better than anything prior. But now it looks...meh. The same thing that happens when looking at a groundbreaking game from a past console. What do you guys think?

 Bioshock Booker Elizabeth

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