After talking about litso in my last article, this new platform to help young entrepreneurs, I would like today to give you some tips to create your startup.
Create a startup requires a huge work and there are a lot of things that it is better know before, and I'll try to help you as best as possible.
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1st challenge: the first version of your idea will probably not work

When you confront your idea (your business model, your value proposition) to reality, to the potential customers, you'll probably realize that it doesn't work. Customers don't buy but this does not mean that your idea is bad, or that you can't implement your project. Quite simply, it is rare that the initial idea works the first time.
You still need to stay upbeat but in front of a customer, you must stay modest. Because it is he who knows what he needs and what he wishes to buy. Is one of the effective methods to test assumptions with customers as soon as possible, before starting operations and expenditure of cash.

2nd challenge: you'll be frustrated by some customers

You will be happy and relieved to sign with your first customers. But the trouble begins at the moment when you have customers. You will need to attach to satisfy, but without necessarily accede to all their requests... Because client applications are often conflicting with those of another. How to identify what is a market need for a specific customer need? You will need to make common sense and evidence of authority to make clients understand your position.


3rd challenge: success is rarely immediate

Except extraordinary luck, be willing to work days and nights for years to conduct your startup on the road to success. You will have to overcome many obstacles: money problems, technical problems, customers, competition, moral reaction of employees,... But never give up. Success is at the end of the road. Between failure and success there is often only a small space of perseverance

4th challenge : create a team

It starts with finding yours associates, your first colleagues and co-founders : they must ne compatible with you and complementary but accepting that you keep the control of your project. This requires more time tan you think. Then it will be necessary to maintain the cohesion and motivation of this core team during the most difficulting times.
Then you recruit motivated employees who accept your project. Of course there will be hires, resignations and layoffs who will more painful than the size of the company is small. Create a good team is one of the most important thing, it's like the DNA of your company so you can't make errors if you want succes.


5th challenge: you'll be less well-paid for some time

If your motivation to create your company is first to money, you are wrong. The money will be the reward if your startup successful. But first you will have to work hard to pay sometimes much lower than you would as an employee, at least at the beginning. I know entrepreneurs who themselves are not paid for 1 year or 2.
When I created my startup, I bought almost everything I needed on sites of second hands like allowed me to make savings and bargains at the beginning of my career.

6th challenge: all will require more time than what you planned

Multiply by two the time to carry out the different stages of introduction of your company. You thought you could sign your first client two months after the launch of your brand ? You can count at least four months. Nothing happens as planned when creating its startup. Everything is more complex than initially planned because a lot of unforeseen events can happen. You'll be less stressed by applying this recommendation. Take this into account if you need to write a business plan: even your low scenario might be too optimistic.

7th challenge: your entourage will not necessarily understand what you do

The profession of entrepreneur is often incomprehensible for the family and friends of it. If you have a lot of success with your startup (good results, press articles, reviews deemed,...), you will look, in their eyes, live in another world. If there is failure (cash-flow difficulties, bad customers,...), some friends are likely to move away, you turn back. In all cases, you are an entrepreneur and you must assume this with modesty.
It is be a pleasure for me if this article can help you, you can ask me some questions if it's necessary !
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